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Outlook Groupware - Microsoft Office Outlook Outlook 97 to 2016 (32 or 64bit) network solutions without or in connection with an Exchange Server. OLfolders allows the access and sharing of all Outlook data such as contacts, calendars, tasks, emails stored on a different computer from each workstation simultaneously in a given network, a central enterprise wide access to an Outlook structure is possible. The server application OLfoldersServer is installed on at least one computer in a new or given Outlook network, allowing other clients to connect to the data remotely. Access can be restricted by user rights to certain profiles, files or folders inside a file. The server can run either on a dedicated server or on any works station or notebook; more than one server can be installed in a network. Starting from 2 up to unlimited clients can connect to data stored on the OLfoldersServer. OLfolders can co-exist perfectly in an existing MS Exchange environment, for example to create additional shared folders for a group or project and without loosing the connection to Microsofts Exchange Server. For offline access, data can be replicated using our add-on QSynchronization a synchronisation program for Notebooks. An integrated mail server handles the internal and external mail transport.
Microsoft Outlook 97 bis 2016 (32 oder 64bit) Netzwerke ohne oder in Verbindung mit einem Exchange Server. OLfolders ermglicht ohne oder in Verbindung mit einem Exchange Server gleichzeitig den gemeinsamen Zugriff auf alle Daten in Outlook. Installieren Sie OLfolders ohne Einsatz eines aufwndigen Netzwerkservers einfach zentral auf einen beliebigen PC im Netz und machen ihn damit zum Server, auf den dann wiederum ab 2 bis zu einer unlimitierten Anzahl von Anwendern im Netzwerk simultan und in Echtzeit zugreifen knnen. Ob es sich um Kontakte, Termine, Aufgaben oder den Posteingang handelt - ein zentraler unternehmensweiter Zugriff auf eine Outlook-Struktur ist mglich, optional knnen Schreib- und Leserechte vergeben werden. Alle Mitarbeiter knnen die gleichen Kontakte nutzen, jeder Mitarbeiter kann zum Beispiel sehen, wer wann welchen Termin hat, oder wer mit welcher Aufgabe beschftigt ist. Auf dieses zentrale Outlook haben Sie genauso Zugriff wie auf Ihren persnlichen Outlook-Ordner. Ein bereits bestehendes Netzwerk muss nicht gendert werden - das bedeutet auch, dass Sie auch mit unterschiedlichen Microsoft Outlook- oder Windows-Versionen eine Vernetzung realisieren knnen. QSynchronization, ein Synchronisationsprogramm fr Notebooks sowie ein integrierter Mailserver fr den internen und externen E-Mailversand erweitert die Funktionalitt von OLfolders.
Change info
New: exe file now contains 32 and 64-bit version | OLfolders Server+Client (exe file).
System requirements
Standard PC or notebook / Microsoft Office Outlook 97 to 2016 (32 or 64bit)
An evaluation mode license expires 30 days after the product is installed
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USER LICENSE CONTRACT FOR SOFTWARE IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY- : This Quester Licence Agreement ("QuesterEL") is a legal contract between you, either as natural or legal person, and the Quester Ltd., Hamburg ("licensor") for the above named SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT includes Computersoftware, the appropriate media, printed materials, as far as existing, as well as possibly "on-line" or electronic documentations. In that you install the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, copies or uses otherwise, Sie declare yourself in agreement to be bound this "QuesterELs" by the conditions. If you don't agree of this "QuesterELs" to the regulations, you are not justifiable to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT becomes as well as through copyright laws and international copyright contracts protected also as through other laws and agreements about intellectual property. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is not sold but is not licensed. 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In any case, the liability of the licensor is limited on the amount, that the acquirer actually paid for the product. This exclusion is not applicable to damages, that were caused by resolution or coarse negligence on sides of the licensor. Also, claims, that are based on inalienable legal rules about the product liability, remain untouched. Compensation: You/they are liable for all damages on the basis of from copyright injury, that occurs for the licensor from an injury of these contract regulations. Fulfillment place, valid right: Fulfillment place is Hamburg. It is worth the right of the Federal Reshared of Germany.



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